Mr Munchy’s Charity Bike Ride

As you all have probably gathered, Mr Munchy isn’t shy of a physical challenge in the name of a good cause and he has ANOTHER one this weekend!
The event Mr Munchy is participating in on Sunday is the Leukaemia Lymphona Research London Bikeathon. He is riding with 5 others and in true Munchy spirit they are all riding in Zebra stripped cycling jerseys! Why we hear you ask? In short it is in recognition of a gutsy South African called Clinton and his amazing determination to walk again.
Two years ago Clinton had the tragic misfortune to break his back after a balcony he was standing on collapsed and he fell 30ft to the ground. After being told that he would never walk again, Clinton spent the next two years trying out any treatment that he was told would help. Although one of Clinton’s legs is still without feeling and he walks with a limp he has come a long way and is currently representing South Africa at this event. Pretty impressive hey?
Although Mr Munchy has only met Clinton once, he was amazed at his enthusiasm and optimism. Mr Munchy was introduced to Clinton via a friend called Pete Hughes, who is also doing the ride this weekend. Pete has known Clinton for a number of years and has been keeping in contact with Clinton during his recovery. One day he thought that the least he could do was ride 100 miles after his friend has managed to recover and represent his country at a world triathlon! How hard can it be?
At this point it’s worth pointing out that up until 8 weeks ago Pete didn’t own a bike and hadn’t ridden once since he was a child. He is now seriously questioning his decision and will certainly be outside his comfort zone once we push through the 60 mile mark.
Wish us luck and follow us on @MunchySeeds!