National Vegetarian Week

Check out our ‘Did You Know’ facts below!
This is an important week for founders, Crispin and Lucinda, who enjoy a flexitarian diet (which is ‘mostly’ vegetarian), and we hope you’re partaking of National Vegetarian Week this 10-16 May too.

We’ve got plenty of lovely recipe ideas here, and of course, all of our seed mixes are vegetarian. However, we thought you’d also enjoy some interesting facts about vegetarianism too.

Did You Know?

  • The first Vegetarian Society in the world was formed in England in 1847. Their aim was to show that it’s possible to live healthily without meat. So it’s not such a young trend!
  • Approximately 14% of the UK population is vegetarian with many many more reducing their meat intake and having several meat free days each week
  • Vegetarianism is based on the Indian philosophy of ‘ahisma’ (non-violence towards animals), and on Greek philosophies to do with the medicinal benefits of plants
  • Studies show that a vegetarian diet could feed more people than a meat-based diet -eg- about 20% of the corn grown in the USA is eaten by people whereas 80% of it is eaten by livestock
  • Approximately 25 gallons of water is needed to produce 1lb of wheat and about 2,500 gallons is needed to produce 1lb of meat
  • Vegetarians consume only slightly less protein than meat eaters. Studies have shown that vegetarian diets provide enough protein if a variety of plant sources is included – eg – seeds
  • The only vegetables with all eight types of essential amino acids in sufficient amounts are lupin beans, soy, hempseed, chia seed, amaranth, buckwheat, and quinoa. However, the essential amino acids can be achieved by eating other vegetables and seeds too
  • Famous vegetarians include Leonardo da Vinci, Brad Pitt, Albert Einstein and Ozzy Osborne
  • A recent study argues that people who eat tofu, seeds and other plant-based foods have a better sex life as certain plants influence hormone levels and sexual activity! A win win

There is so much more information out there but we strongly recommend you take a look at National Vegetarian Week and join their Veggie 123 Challenge by going veggie for at least one week, and helping the planet as you do so.

What a great thing to do – Crispin & Lucinda!