Plant powered goodness

Our roasted seeds are naturally crammed with real goodies like protein, iron, fibre, vitamins and minerals which makes them a super nutritious food when eaten as part of a varied and balanced diet. What’s more, they’re delicious too.

They are so nutrient dense and versatile, there’s no reason not to eat them regularly. They’re convenient and easy to add to soups and stir-fries; breads and salads, bringing flavour, crunch and important macronutrients to your diet, such as protein, fat and vitamins.

Seeds, as a family, contain heart-, bone-, muscle-, brain- and immune-supporting nutrients, many of which we could all be eating more of. Selenium for instance is vital for to help support our immune system and help stave off infection.


A vital part of any diet, protein is needed for growth and overall maintenance of health. It contains amino acids, some of which we can’t make ourselves. Including seeds as part of a varied diet can help ensure that your body does not miss out.


Fibre is a plant-based carbohydrate, which unlike other carbohydrates passes through the gut without being digested. Fibre is super-important to our digestive health and seeds, along with whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables are a great source of it.


Vitamins help the body to work the way it should as well as aiding the release of energy from food. Seeds are a source of Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 (Thiamin), which as part of a balanced diet can help ensure your body gets the vitamins it needs.


Your body needs certain minerals to keep it healthy and working as it should. These include magnesium, phosphorus and selenium. The great news is that seeds can make an important contribution to your mineral intake as part of a balanced diet.

I first found Munchy Seeds at The Ideal Home Show and have LOVED them since day one! Can't wait to try the new flavours.
Shelley S
Brilliant sprinkling seeds over yogurt in the morning or just as a snack, good protein, recommended.
Amanda A
We love the savoury sprinkles, especially on pasta, but I always sneak a handful when I just need a pick me up - yummy!
John D
Astounded I found the willpower to stop eating ... definitely will have to get more!
Twitter fan
I love having the honey seed snack packs post workout. A real treat and a bit of an energy boost. Also, easy to carry in my gym kit - love them!
Simon R
Superior flavour, better shelf life, direct from our roastery!
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