Meet your match on the courts this summer!

Who else is ready for a fortnight of tennis, Pimms, strawberries and cream?
With Wimbledon just around the corner, it’s time to dust off the rackets and head to your nearest court. Don’t just watch the pro’s take to the courts this summer, there are plenty of parks, schools and indoor leisure centres with courts to take advantage off.

Tennis a great way to keep fit and exercise and here’s just a few of our favourite places to play this summer:
Wimbledon park

Wimbledon Park has 20 courts and although we can’t guarantee you’ll be playing Andy Murray at least you can tell your friends you’ve played at ‘Wimbledon’ this summer.
Aldeburgh Tennis Club
Located closely to Munchy Seeds, there are 4 hard tennis courts with floodlights, nestled in the heart of the seaside town of Aldeburgh. This has always been our favourite place to play a quick game of tennis or a longer tournament on the weekends. You could always celebrate the end of the match with a trip to the famous Aldeburgh Fish & Chip shop.
Harbour Club Chelsea Tennis
If you prefer playing tennis indoors then this is the place to go! There are 12 fantastic indoor courts to choose from, which are all great for a friendly session or serious match.
Roundhay Park
Roundhay park has 16 outdoor courts which are free to use all year round. Situated in a beautiful park surrounded by acres of grassland, trees, lakes and wildlife making it an ideal place to meet up with friends or organise a family picnic and tennis session. You could also take a bat and ball and play cricket or rounders.
Southwark Park
The beautiful park offers tennis courts to the public free of charge and are open till 9.30pm throughout July and August.
Use the Lawn Tennis Associate court finder to find your nearest court –