Roasted Seeds From Suffolk

Munchy Seeds has been roasting, toasting and flavouring seeds for more than a quarter of a century from a sunny Suffolk corner close to the coast at Aldeburgh.

As the UK’s number one artisan seed specialist, we produce batches of single seeds or mixed seeds with up to 9 different varieties in a batch. Seeds that are plain, toasted or roasted, sweet, salted, coated or flavoured with blends such as tamari (soy), piri-piri, cumin and fennel, caramel and choccy.

At Munchy we prioritize sourcing British-grown seeds. And for those that only flourish in non-British climates we seek out the best from Europe, USA, India, China and South America, always ensuring the best quality and provenance.

In addition, all our delicious seed mixtures are gluten and wheat free.

From little seeds grow big adventures

MiniMunchy – our newest baby – that start at only 130 kcal per 150g pack, making snacking on the go with Mini Munchy a much healthier alternative to crisps and confectionary.

We have also just launched an evolutionary way of serving seeds which makes them an integral element of every meal – NEED SEEDS – Munchy Seeds in table-top shakers. Available in 6 different varieties ranging from five single seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, black sesame, black and white sesame, coated; plus, an omega 7-mix that includes golden linseed and rapeseed and a 8-seed mix with quinoa, and millet. Each shaker is 150g – perfect for sprinkling seeds over yogurt, porridge, salad, vegetables and just about anything you fancy.

Our award-winning seeds are available online at our Munchy Seeds shop, on Amazon, Ocado and many other retailers – both national and local.

In addition to our retail and direct to consumer range we are also in great demand for our roasting abilities which enables us to create special, bespoke blends for the food service and catering sectors.

Check out our RECIPES and find your favourite way to enjoy seeds.


When Munchy Seeds began at the end of the last century, the true benefit of seeds as an integral part of our daily diet was not widely recognised. Over the years the value of these tiny miracles of goodness have made them a central must-have ingredient for out nutritional wellbeing. Whether as a tasty addition to our morning muesli, sprinkled as a matter of course on yogurt or porridge, wrapped round a portion of sushi, baked in scrumptious breads or feasted on in energy bars.

Seeds are now widely known to be powerhouses of deliciousness and packed with health-giving benefits.

The team

Our seed snacks and sprinkles are lovingly roasted, toasted, flavoured and blended in small batches by our fabulous team at Munchy HQ in sunny Suffolk. From Roasters and Packers to Sales, Accounts and Marketing, Munchy Seeds couldn’t be where it is now without this awesome crew!

Join our crew

We’re always looking for fantastic people who want to join us on our epic journey of spreading our love of seeds. If you think you’d like to join our mission please send your CV and a covering email with your contact details to – this might just be the sowing of a seed to something special.

I first found Munchy Seeds at The Ideal Home Show and have LOVED them since day one! Can't wait to try the new flavours.
Shelley S
Brilliant sprinkling seeds over yogurt in the morning or just as a snack, good protein, recommended.
Amanda A
We love the savoury sprinkles, especially on pasta, but I always sneak a handful when I just need a pick me up - yummy!
John D
Astounded I found the willpower to stop eating ... definitely will have to get more!
Twitter fan
I love having the honey seed snack packs post workout. A real treat and a bit of an energy boost. Also, easy to carry in my gym kit - love them!
Simon R
Superior flavour, better shelf life, direct from our roastery!
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