Celebrate National Vegetarian Week with a barbecue

Happy National Vegetarian Week! We’re happy to announce that since 2017, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles have continued to become more popular. It’s now easier to find healthy options at restaurants and when eating out. In fact, Just Eat has recognised vegetarianism as a top consumer trend for 2018 following a 94% increase in “healthy food ordered”.
The increase in healthy eating comes from a range of different consumers. Whether you have a meat-free Monday or follow a strictly vegan lifestyle, a plant-based diet is the healthy choice. Being a veggie doesn’t mean you can’t fully participate in all summer activities.
Barbecues can be a tricky social event for vegetarians as many of the traditional recipes are meat-based. But luckily there are plenty of veggie-friendly recipes, so everyone can feel welcome.
For vegetarians, cheese is amazing on the barbecue. The type of cheese you cook will determine how you cook it. For example, due to its crumbly texture it’s best to cook feta in tin foil. Feta can also be added to salads like our Feta & Grilled Peach salad.
Halloumi and paneer are a great addition to vegetable kebabs. These can then be cooked directly on the grill. More information about grilling cheese can be found in Kettler’s Barbeques for All guide.
There are also a number of yummy meat-free alternatives for barbeques. Beef burgers can easily be replaced with veggie burgers while Quorn hot dogs can replace traditional hot dogs. Slightly trickier recipes include marinated tofu or seitan (a meat substitute made from gluten), which are worth the extra effort as they are absolutely delightful on the grill.
Happy barbecuing!