DIY Eco Food Covers

Are you looking to reduce plastic waste in your household?

We’ve got some great, sustainable ways of covering your food, so you can say goodbye to plastic over lids and clingfilm. Yay!

We aren’t trying to preach to the converted here, just to help those out who are looking for better ways to store open food safely, and who release a sigh every time they have to throw away another plastic wrap, bag or over lid (the cover you get on yogurt pt for example).
So here are our homemade and shop bought perfect tips and solutions for easy cheat ways to protect everything from yogurt to leftover curry – especially when you’ve added seeds to them!

  1. Tea-towels or cotton cloths – if you’re protecting non-chilled food, such as bread or cakes, then look no further than a clean cotton tea-towel. We also love some of the home-made ideas online. Great fun to make and coordinate with your kitchen colour scheme, or to give as pretty gifts like these ones from Hearth & Vine.
  2. Put a plate on top – this one is very easy but not always obvious, especially with foods like yogurt or cream. So quick and easy, just find a plate to suit your size of bowl or pot and put it on top. We do this when we open a yogurt to mix with seeds and porridge for breakfast. Also, great for egg yolks, egg whites and keeps the smell of other foods from infiltrating what’s in your bowl.
  3. Tupperware – an age old food storage solution, but do you have a cupboard full of different shapes and sizes ready to accommodate everything from seeds for a snack to leftovers, such as our yummy Savoury Seed Vegetable Pasta – it’s easy to cook a bit too much and then save it for lunch the next day, perfect.

    Tupperware also works really well in the freezer so you can make and bake ahead. We love making a chocolate cookie dough topped with our Salted Caramel seeds (recipe here), freezing the dough and then just popping the frozen cookies in the oven for 10 minutes when we feel like a delicious treat. Sometimes, instead of tupperware, we reuse take away containers for storage as they stack well in the fridge. Handily, they all go in the dishwasher and are easy to take to work in a bag, with no spillage.
  4. Swap cling film for Beeswax wraps – you can make your own, but there are some great shop bought options and lots of availability online too. You can even get a vegan version of these. The perfect plant-based option which does not contain palm oil or soy – wowzer, what eco friendly and natural options these are!
  5. Munchy Seeds Pouches – one of the best ever upcycling fixes … we think of course! First, wash out your pouch once you’ve used all the seeds and drain it until dry (but no panic if there are a couple of seeds left inside):

    Secondly, use your resealable, washed pouches to store anything from soup, homemade chicken stock, stewed fruit, fresh rhubarb and any other foods you have a glut of from the garden. It’s so easy and works really well. Our packs do stack flat too of course which is great for space saving.
  6. Jam jars – the humble jam jar has been a great go to form of storage for a long time now and its reusable glory is coming to the fore more and more in our age of upcycling. We store seeds in our jam jars, but they’re great for homemade salad dressings, mayonnaise or sauces and really keep your leftovers airtight. Easy to wash out and reuse – and perfect if you make your own jams, jellies and chutneys.
  7. Or, try this fab quick fix. Leave your bircher seed muesli ready overnight in a cereal bowl in the fridge so you can just take it out ready to eat first thing in the morning – simply add oats, our Breakfast Boosters and a grated apple to Greek style yogurt. Stir in your cereal bowl and leave in the fridge overnight. Top with fresh berries in the morning and enjoy – such a fab way to start the day …

Now, if you want to create some leftovers to try out these great solutions just check out our fabulous recipe pages here.