5 benefits of planting vegetables in your garden this spring!

At last it’s finally Spring! Now is the perfect time to create a spring garden around your home. April is the best time to be outside in the early season’s warmth planting your favourite veggies and herbs, the likes of; parsley, radishes, lettuces, carrots, spring onions, corn, runner beans, parsnip and beetroot to name a few!
Not only can growing your own veggies be really rewarding but it’s also good healthy fun – below are a few more beneficial reasons why you should get started.

Greater freshness and flavour
Everyone agrees, home-grown vegetables are much fresher and have way better flavour so if you’re a real ‘foodie’ and enjoy the taste of fresh crunchy vegetables this is the way forward for you! Fresh picked vegetables grown at home are also likely to be more nutrient packed than a lot of the items found at the grocery store. Some of these can be sitting in a bag for up to 10 days!
Less wastage
Sadly plastic waste is clogging our landfills and polluting our oceans, simple small changes can make a positive impact on the environment. By growing and consuming your own vegetables at home, you can reduce your weekly plastic wastage.
Don’t forget to compost your left overs – it is so much better than throwing it away and leaving it for someone else to deal with.

Save money
Not only will you save yourself money on your weekly groceries because seeds are so reasonably priced compared to buying fresh fully grown veg, but you’ll also be using less petrol going to and from the shops.
Minimises pesticides
We all know that most vegetables you buy from the supermarket have been sprayed with chemicals to keep insects and disease at bay. By growing your own at home, you can decide which pesticides & fungicides you use on your vegetables or you may even decide to grow your plants organically and go without!
Improved health
Growing your own vegetables will help encourage you to eat more fruit and vegetables as they’ll need using up! This in turn will prompt you to produce healthier meals at home.
Spending more time outdoors in the fresh air is also beneficial for both your physical and mental health.  Growing anything from seed gives you responsibility for a living thing and is also therapeutic; stimulating both the brain and body, taking your mind away from the madness of everyday life.

Dig well, eat well and remember “fresh is best”!
Enjoy – cheers Mrs Munchy