Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day – With Seeds!

#InternationalKidsTakeOverTheKitchenDay on 13th September 2021

Despite sounding like most parents’ worst nightmare, Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day is a day which can be both fun and fulfilling – for young and old alike!

Originally pioneered by the Young Chefs Academy, this is a fun movement with its roots in a serious cause. Children and teens are encouraged to ‘take over the kitchen’ by involving them in the preparation and planning of the day’s meals (under the supervision of parents/guardians where required). From this, the budding Masterchefs will learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits – the start of a battle against the very serious health issues facing many youngsters today.
“Not only will this be a healthy learning experience for your child, the day will help foster a tremendous family spirit; and afterwards you might even have acquired a new, regular helper in the kitchen”, say the organizers of this lovely event.
Seeds are a fab ingredient in cooking and children can enjoy sprinkling them in muffins, in pancakes, in granolas and on yogurt, while they learn the wonderful health benefits of natural seeds … read more here in our blog.
We know just how important fibre is in the diet from a very early age and seeds are a ‘no brainer’ great source of the good stuff.  The more kids understand, the more they will enjoy the combination of great taste, crunch, flavour and wholesome goodness.

To help you out, why not try some of our easy recipes together in your kitchen on the 13th September?

We love and recommend these recipe ideas below as great for preparing together – or just get your kids to sprinkle our savoury seeds over a simple jacket spud, while you explain the health benefits, to easily elevate your eating:-
Chocolate Cookies with Salted Caramel Seeds
Crustless Veggie Quiche
Butternut Squash & Butter Bean Burgers
Super Berry Seed Bircher Muesli
You can try these and explore more recipes on our website here. You can also buy the all essential seed mix ingredients on our online shop.

Happy kids cooking everyone!

Thanks to Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day for their inspiration behind this blog.