Move to Recyclable Pouches

Continuing our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and ensuring a more sustainable business for the future, Munchy Seeds have now introduced recyclable pouches across our core range of sweet and savoury seed mixes.

The new pouches will initially be rolled out across its 450g variants, which include Mega Omega, Salted Caramel, Honey Roasted, Savoury Crunch, Warm Cinnamon and Mild Chilli. You can view our full range of 450g mega packs here.
“We have been looking into recyclable and compostable packing for some time now plus we’re constantly reviewing our processes here at the Munchy Roastery, to make sure everything is as sustainable as possible. We are delighted to finally be able to make this change,” says Lucinda, co-founder of Munchy Seeds.
The new packaging, which is suitable for recycling with soft plastics, is initially rolled out across our 450g range , with plans for our other sizes and variants to follow in due course.  It’s worth noting that the new packs have a very different feel, being completely plastic, (almost back to basics when we were kids and plastic was quite a new thing – memory lane for us old timers!) and the packs are no longer foil lined.
“These changes tie into our sustainable manifesto where we’ve been looking to make small steps that will have a bigger impact on the UK road map to net zero. The planet gives us seeds and we need to ensure that we give back, so that generations can enjoy seeds for many millennia to come,” adds Lucinda.