Munchy’s Girls! Celebrating International Women’s Day with the Women of Munchy Seeds

In case you hadn’t heard, International Women’s Day 2020 is on Sunday 8th March!  It’s a day to celebrate all the incredible women we know, and also to recognise what more we can do to help make the world a fairer and more equal place. To mark the occasion, we want to celebrate the wonderful women of Munchy Seeds! It’s their great ideas and incredible work ethic that go into making our roasted seeds so scrummy.
Did you know? Mrs Munchy AKA Lucinda (Munchy’s co-founder) got the idea for the business from the homemade seed mixes her Grandma used to roast for her and her friends as a child! It all started in her Grandmother’s kitchen, where her Granny’s roasted seeds were everyone’s favourite. Huge fistfuls would disappear in the blink of an eye, as pockets were filled with snacks for the next adventure.
So, from our accounts office to our warehouse, we asked some of the women of Munchy Seeds who inspires them, and why.
Lucinda Clay:

Munchy Job: Co-founder/being the fabulous Mrs Munchy herself
The woman who inspires me is… Goldie Hawn
Why? Goldie is gorgeous fun & cheeky. She has some wonderful mothering tips in her book, ‘A Lotus Grows in the Mud’ written by a lovely friend of mine – Wendy Holden. She also has some wonderful life tips that we could all learn from.
Munchy Job: Pack house
The woman who inspires me is… Joanna Lumley
Why? Joanna Lumley is an inspiration to me because not only is she a wonderful actress, she’s compassionate. She’s known for her support of the Gurkahs, and she supports many charities and animal welfare groups including the Born Free foundation.

Munchy Job: Warehouse
The woman who inspires me is… My Mum
Why? My mum is my inspiration because she is so quietly strong, modest, ever supportive, loving, generous and calming in difficult situations. She’s not always been dealt a fair hand by life but she’s not only got through, she’s carried her family through it, too.
Munchy Job: Accounts
The woman who inspires me is… Dian Fossey
Why? Dian was a conservationist. She was so dedicated and focused on the causes she championed, especially her studies of Gorillas. It’s on my bucket list to go and see whereabouts she was stationed in the mountains and experience what she did first hand.

Munchy Job: Flavour-Fuelled Adventurer
The woman who inspires me is… Barbara Toy
Why? In 1950 she drove solo overland from Tangier to Baghdad in her series 1 Land Rover “Pollyanna”. This was a pioneering journey irrespective of the fact that she was a woman travelling by herself. She continued to travel with Land Rovers throughout her life, making a circumnavigation of the globe in 1956/6 and at the age of 81 she made her second round the world trip in Pollyanna! Who could fail to be inspired?! 

Who inspires you most at the moment? Tweet us your International Women’s Day Inspiriation @MunchySeeds and use the hashtag #MunchyWomen