PINK Orange Tackles Winter Hunger in Suffolk & Norfolk

This year Christmas will be very different for many of us. Some don’t have an easy time of it, but perhaps this year, with friends and family being at home and not moving about nearly as much, may bring a new perspective, something better for future Christmases to come even?

We’re excited to be a part of this by helping the charity PINK Orange to deliver meals to over 18,000 households throughout Suffolk this Winter. One of the major benefits of this activity is that they are are delivering meals to be cooked and shared together as a family. We’ll be helping bring our locally produced premium Munchy Seeds to a group of people who may not normally use seeds in their diets, encouraging them to use our roasted seeds as a meal sprinkle so they can try first-hand see just how tasty they are; especially once we’ve added our little bit of ‘magic’ to them.

Their free ingredient kits provide all of the items needed to prepare two household meals from scratch each week for children who receive school meals. It also provides weekly menus with recipe cards and video tutorials (see above), meaning that no matter your skill in the kitchen, you’ll be able to create healthy, nutritious and filling meals for your family.
If you would like to support this service visit the Pink Orange website.
We, like a lot of small brands, have been hit really hard by Covid, losing nearly 60% of our business due to supplying snacks into offices and the hospitality sector all over the country. This order will give our team a good couple of days work in the factory roasting and packing 7,000 snack packs for 7000 meals in the lead up to Christmas. The music will get turned up full blast, the machines get turned on and we all get to work together as a team. What fun!
It’s such a delight to be working with PINK Orange and what a wonderful charity to be helping so many over the Christmas holidays.
Mrs Munchy
Pictured below: Rachel on the forklift getting the pallet of 7000 tamari roasted mega omega packs read to ship to PINKOrange