Real Bread with Real Seeds

To celebrate Real Bread Week 2021 Caroline Matthews of the fab Health Magazine has been practising her bread baking skills using a few of our super yummy, healthy, nutritious seeds.

‘Now’s the time to take advantage of the health benefits of fresh, wholesome additive-free bread’

“Warm freshly-baked bread is one of life’s little big luxuries…and it’s one that we’re celebrating today, especially, with the start of Real Bread Week.
Real Bread Week is the annual campaign designed to get more people baking their own bread, and taking advantage of the health benefits of fresh, wholesome additive-free loaves.
Bread-making at home is a skill that is easier to master than we might think, and with so much scope for creating new and exciting recipes, it’s an activity well worth turning our time and creativity to this week…and beyond.
To help showcase the potential for crafting healthy bread at home, I’ve teamed up with Munchy Seeds to produce the ultimate wholesome seeded loaf. This delicious ‘bread with bite’ boasts all the density and crunch that toast, sandwich and soup-dunking dreams are made of, making it one to watch while the working/lunching from home trend looks set to continue.

Munchy Seeds’ roasted seeds are also naturally rich in protein, iron, fibre, vitamins and minerals, as well as being available in a delicious range of sweet and savoury flavours.

I used the ‘mega omega‘ blend in this wholemeal loaf, but their tasty seeds are also great for snacking on straight from the bag, on yogurt, in cakes or sprinkled on fruit.
For the full wholemeal bread how-to, head over to my Instagram stories. “