Savoury Crunch New Improved Recipe (Including NUT Warning)

Savoury Crunch has been one of our most popular flavours for many years, but for some time now we have been having problems with sourcing the largest seed in the blend; apricot kernels. We have historically been buying these in from both Turkey and Pakistan. The good news is, we have now managed to secured a new steady supply of apricot kernels so we are able to continue producing our lovely Savoury Crunch Munchy Seeds for our mail order & show customers.

However, sadly the new supply is sourced from a supplier that also handles nuts and therefore we have had to put a “May contain Nuts” warning on all the Savoury Crunch packs. We have at the same time taken the opportunity to make a few tiny tweaks to the recipe making it even more delicious than before!
We are very aware for some of you – this mix will now no longer suit due to it carrying a ‘may contain nuts’ declaration but I’d like to reassure you that you can still enjoy two of our really popular savoury blends, Mild Chilli & Mega Omega plus our lightly toasted fruit & seed blend, Super Berry.

For those of you that are not affected by the nut warning, we hope you’ll love our new and improved recipe even more than before! We all certainly do!
You can buy your Savoury Crunch in 450g Mega Pouches or 2.3kg Bumper Tubs here.