Talking ‘third condiment’ seed sprinkling with Pure NPD

We were delighted to be interviewed by Hannah Atton of Pure NPD. Please enjoy the following coverage on our lovely new Savoury Sprinkles and Breakfast Booster mixed seed ranges.

For over 20 years, Munchy Seeds have championed the benefits of healthy snacking, with their sweet and savoury seed-centric ranges featuring omega-rich mixes, sprinkle packs and on-the-go snacking formats.
Their dry roasted and naturally flavoured seed packs include vegan and coeliac-friendly options, as well as delivering a source of protein, vitamin E and fibre.
Last month, Munchy Seeds announced the arrival of two new innovative ranges – Breakfast Boosters and Savoury Sprinkles – comprising six new products in total, all designed to be added to dishes across mealtimes.
The brand’s new Breakfast Boosters feature lightly roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and come in three flavours: Super Berry (goji berry, chia & cranberry seed mix); Totally Tropical (coconut, mango & banana seed mix); and Cacao & Apricot (cacao, apricot & date seed mix).
The new Savoury Sprinkles collection includes three flavours: Toasted Tamari (‘mega’ omega 7 seed mix); Spicy Peri Peri (chilli, sunflower & pumpkin seed mix); and Warm Cumin & Fennel (sunflower, pumpkin & cumin seed mix).
Both the Breakfast Boosters and Savoury Sprinkles ranges will soon be available in Ocado in 125g packs.
The new ranges are marketed as a ‘third condiment’ and aim to provide consumers with added crunch, flavour and health benefits for dishes across both the sweet and savoury seed mix categories.
“From adding to salads, soups and savoury dishes, to blending in a smoothie, using in porridge or granola, or mixing into yogurt, we’re setting out to show the nation just how easy it is to add seeds to your daily meals,” said Lucinda Clay, co-founder of Munchy Seeds.
To find out more about Munchy Seeds’ two new ranges (and ‘third condiment’ concept), we sat down with marketing manager Sally Dorling, who also revealed how the brand is looking to satisfy today’s healthy snacker in the UK.


How has Munchy Seeds evolved over the past year to meet consumer demand/changing eating habits?

“COVID has changed the business priority by focusing on online retail. Consumer eating habits have transformed – they are far more health conscious and looking for healthy snacking alternatives.
“They’re seeking snacks that deliver on flavour and excitement, as well as having the added health benefits.
“Many are following a ‘debit, credit’ mentality – thinking ‘I can have my salted caramel sweet fix’ but in a better-for-you seed format, to get that added nutrition and fibre.
“As consumers started to work from home, eating behaviours began shifting, and we found our bigger pack sizes became more popular as well as the interest in convenience. This led to the NPD of new sprinkle formats and flavours, adding a healthy boost and benefits to everyday foods and drinks.”

Tell me about the “third condiment” concept?

“This concept fits more so with the savoury sprinkles, having the re-sealable packs sat in the middle of the kitchen table adds texture and umami flavour to dishes, as well as providing that boost of protein, fibres and vitamins – whilst minimizing the amount of salt going into one’s diet.”

Are the Breakfast Boosters your first foray into the breakfast category?

“In a targeted sense, yes. The breakfast booster range is available in three flavours and focuses on the breakfast eating occasion – to be sprinkled onto porridge, overnight oats, smoothies, cereals, yoghurts and fruit. As well as baking into home-baked flapjacks or breakfast muffins.”

What does the Savoury Sprinkles range bring to the table?

“The Savoury Sprinkles range was created to be a topping for meals such as salads, soups and savoury dishes. I like it on a brunch favourite of mine; sourdough, avocado and poached eggs – adding crunch and texture.”

What health benefit would you say is of most interest to the UK consumer today?

“Consumers are far more aware of gut-health movement and the gut-brain axis connection, which further links to immunity.
“The new Munchy Seeds products are vegan, fitting into plant-based trend. Not to mention with the rise of documentaries such as ‘Seaspiracy’ with consumers wanting alternatives to fish omegas, many are seeking-out plant-based omegas – which Munchy Seeds offers.”

Have any other ‘superfoods/seeds’ caught the eye at Munchy Seeds for future NPD?

“Vitamin D inclusions seems to be a growing area of interest, so fortifying the seed mixes could be a potential area for NPD.
“We have seen milled seeds used as thickeners for the likes of smoothies, and then there are cluster-type snacking options. But these don’t work so well in terms of ‘toppers’.
“We’re also seeing activated nuts and seeds which are more digestible, but our focus is on the sprinkle formats which still provide nutritional benefits.”

Do you think ‘taste’ remains the key consumer driver in vegan?

“In the past vegan dishes tended to be dull in taste. Nowadays, taste is becoming far more important to veganism and only now is it gaining more attention. Our new products provide a boost of flavour as well as being vegan.”

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