The Health Benefits of Seeds

Seeds. They come in all shapes, sizes and tasty flavours – well at Munchy Seeds anyway! But as well as being a great snack or addition to a recipe they are bursting with goodness and health benefits as they’re high in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

1. Fibre
Fibre is essential to anyone’s diet as it can help prevent some cancers, diabetes and heart disease. The recommended daily amount of fibre is 18g but on average we only consume about 14g a day, so adding Munchy Seeds as part of a healthy diet can give you the boost of fibre you need.
2. Vitamins
Seeds contain a number of vitamins, which we all know are essential for our bodies. Vitamin E is found in a number of the seeds we use and it’s mainly used as an antioxidant but also reduces cholesterol and can thin the blood, which can reduce the risk of a stroke.
3. Energy
A great benefit of eating seeds is that some of them have a low GI, which means they release energy slowly, so you’ll feel fuller for longer and blood sugar levels will remain stable. This is great if your trying eat healthy! Simply adding a portion of Mega Omega seeds to your lunch, whether it be on top of a fresh salad or sprinkled into a homemade soup, will keep you fuller for longer so your less likely to snack on unhealthy foods.

Now that’s just some of the many benefits of eating seeds but hopefully it’s inspired you to try some Munchy Seeds, to either nibble on throughout the day or add to homemade dishes to add some real flavour and texture! You can shop all of our flavours on our BUY tab, but if you’re not sure which flavour to start with, why not grab yourself  ‘Try Me’ pack! At only £2.50 for 5 25g snack packs, its worth it! Shop here.