The munchy festival essentials checklist and survival guide

It’s that time of year again! There are lots of ways to enjoy festival season, whether you’re heading for a day out with family or going all-out and camping. Here at Munchy HQ we’ve been to a fair few ourselves – so here are our tried-and-tested top tips for festival success.
1. Leave your iPhone at home – get a cheap Nokia brick or similar. It’s much less likely to get stolen – and we all know the battery lasts waaaay longer.
2. Going in a group? Bring a flag or something similar so that you can find each other in a crowd – festivals can get very busy and there’s nothing worse than wandering around having lost your friends or family. Follow the leader!
3. Remember to top up your SPF. Festivals can be awful for sunburn, especially as you’re out in the sun all day and sometimes don’t have access to shade. Make sure you carry some sun cream with you – at least 30 SPF – and reapply regularly. Trust us, sunburn is not nice when you have to sleep in a tent.
4. Take your own healthy snacks. Burgers and chips are delicious – but you can’t necessarily have them for every meal. To keep you going, it’s worth bringing some of your own snacks – we’re not biased or anything, but our snack packs make the perfect festival nibbles, and our larger pouches are perfect for sharing! Festival food is expensive, too, so this will definitely save you some cash.
5. Remember the one KEY festival essential – baby wipes! Whether it’s to wipe dirty hands, clean up your clobber or to avoid the showers, baby wipes will take your festival experience from grim to win.
Our top festival picks for August 2019
Whether you like the beach or some beats, foodie dishes or dubstep, there’s something for everyone at our edited pick of August’s best festivals:
• Boardmasters – 7th-11th August, Newquay
• The Big Feastival – 23rd-25th August, Oxfordshire
• Reading Festival, 23rd-25th August, Reading
• The Downs, Bristol – 31st August, Bristol