VEGANUARY – The plant-based way of eating

We were so inspired by the podcast we heard in mid-December with Veganuary CEO Ria Rehberg, that we decided to give this growing 31 day challenge a go. Whether you are in the midst of ‘doing’ Veganuary or just trying to eat plant-based a few days a week, the facts and figures from Ria were really fascinating.

Since 2014 Veganuary has supported 1m people in 192 countries to try plant-based eating for January and beyond. It is now a bigger retail fixture than Christmas in the UK with over 1m participants – and growing. A Kantar report from 2019 showed that for every person who signs up to Veganuary, 10 more people just do it for themselves, so the beneficial impact on the planet is even greater.
Just switching to plant-based one day a week can have a positive impact on our carbon footprint. Last year over 100,000 tons of C02 were saved through Veganuary. This is the amazing equivalent to driving round the world 15,000 times. Also, 6m litres of water were saved (equivalent to 0.5m toilet flushes), and the lives of 3.4m animals in factory farms were spared.
The impact of the pandemic has seen 1/3rd more people eating plant-based food. Being flexitarian in our habits is seen as healthier, better for the environment and slows some intensive animal farming down.

Try out the delicious Cauliflower Steak recipe pictured above.
If we haven’t already inspired you to try joining this fantastic initiative, it may be because you are worried about how to eat delicious and healthy vegan food. We have been working with some of our fabulous Chef and Influencer friends to create lots of easy recipes for you here and we’re truly happy to tell you that (apart from our honey roasted seeds) all of our dry roasted seed mixes are vegan, naturally a complete protein and a good source of minerals and vitamins that help to maintain great energy and health.
Just sprinkle and scatter our seeds on every meal of the day and you’ll be enjoying the extra flavour and crunch this brings to the simplest of dishes – even the humble jacket potato!