‘Before Chocolate’ with Our Seeds

Choccy, Salted Caramel Seedy Porridge:

Simple is often best, and this delicious porridge serving suggestion from @foodiefittwinmummy makes the weekend get off to a mega tasty start.

A mouthwatering (and some may say, healthy) combination of oaty porridge, super dark chocolate buttons, fresh berries and our salted caramel pumpkin and sunflower seed mix. A heady combination which is also nutrient rich and gets those happy vibes going. We just love it!

Choccy, Salted Caramel Seedy Booster:

Also, we’ve discovered a new favourite – if you are just looking for a quick booster snack, then mixing some of our Honey Roasted seeds in a bowl with Before Chocolate 70% dark Peruvian drops makes every coffee time marvellous!

Sweet crunchy roasted Salted caramel seeds click here