Fuelling the miles

The Dementia Help team will be getting a well-deserved energy boost with Munchy Seeds, the official nutrition partner of the Dementia Help Cycle Challenge.
This June, the team at Dementia Help – Peter Berry (director), Christina Neal (managing director and founder) and Dave Collison (website editor) – will be cycling 330 miles over six days, from Aberystwyth, in Wales, to Aldeburgh, in Suffolk, to raise awareness and funds for Young Dementia UK (www.youngdementiauk.org). Munchy Seeds (munchyseeds.kuro.digital) is the official nutrition partner of the Dementia Help Cycle Challenge, and will be keeping us well fuelled as we travel the width of the country on two wheels.

The Dementia Help team: Dave Collison, Peter Berry, Christina Neal
Dementia Help’s director, Peter, was diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 50. Now 53, Peter remains positive and proactive, but he and his family are having to come to terms with his condition, while managing the financial pressures that come with a diagnosis during working age. The Dementia Help team is delighted to be able to support a charity that helps the 42,000 other people in the UK living with early onset dementia, as well as raising awareness of the pressures that all UK dementia carers face on a daily basis.
The Dementia Help team will be fuelling this ambitious cycle challenge with Munchy Seeds’ delicious and energising Snack Packs. They are naturally jam-packed with nutritious goodness, including protein, iron, fibre, vitamins and minerals, and come in a range of mouth-watering flavours, including Chilli Bites, Honey Seeds, Super Berry and Choccy Ginger.
Good nutrition is key during long bouts of exercise. It’s estimated that the body has enough stored carbohydrate for the first 90 minutes of an exercise session, but after that, carb stores are depleted and need to be topped up. Christina Neal, who has run two marathons but is fairly new to cycling, says: ‘I know the importance of good nutrition when taking part in an endurance event or challenge, so I’m really glad we have the support of Munchy Seeds and can use their products as and when we need to. The Dementia Help Cycle Challenge is going to be tough… it’ll need a lot of physical and mental stamina, so the fact that we’ve got the right nutrition and support will make a great difference.’

While the Dementia Help team will be using the Snack Packs for healthy and convenient fuelling on the go, Munchy Seeds are also delicious sprinkled over soups, salads and stews, and the sweet varieties can even be used as yummy dessert toppings, adding a nutritious boost to your favourite treats (Choccy Apricot over ice cream, anyone?). The range is suitable for vegetarians and, what’s more, there are five flavours that are also vegan friendly.
The brainchild of Crispin and Lucinda (a.k.a ‘Mr and Mrs Munchy’!), the Munchy Seeds idea was inspired by Lucinda’s grandmother’s tasty toasted seeds, back in New Zealand. Lucinda brought the idea with her across to the UK, and Munchy Seeds sprouted, growing in popularity. If you’d like to find out more about Munchy Seeds for yourself, including tasty recipes, nutrition information and to purchase, please visit munchyseeds.kuro.digital.
To find out more about the Dementia Help Cycle Challenge and to sponsor the team, please visit uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Team/TeamDementiaHelp