Munchy Seeds Flavours; Past, Present and Future!

Every now and again, we have to say ‘Goodbye’ to some of our old favourite flavours, to make room for the new and exciting blends we have mixed. For ‘Sesame Sprinkles’ and ‘Vanilla Pumpkin’ Seeds, it’s time to say goodbye, for now, to let some of our newer flavours have a chance in the spotlight!

We’ve also shaken things up a little bit with some of our flavour names! Using the same wonderful ingredients, but re-named to sound a whole lot cooler, simply call our ‘Honey Seeds’ the new ‘Honey Roasted’, and ‘Omega Sprinkles’ is now ‘Mega Omega’!
We have improved some of our classic flavours, for ‘Chilli Bites’, we have removed the sweet apricot kernels and now call him ‘Mild Chilli’. Our ‘Cinnamon’ (now ‘Warm Cinnamon) and ‘Sweet Chilli’ seeds no longer contain honey, making even more of our flavours vegan!

Remember also to keep an eye out for visiting and limited-edition Guest Flavours! We will have new and exciting flavours popping up from time to time, along with some well-loved old classics! So don’t feel too sad about saying goodbye to some of your most nibbled seeds, they might be back from time to time!
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