Sourdough September – with Seeds


As one of the nation’s favourite TV programmes – The Great British Bake Off – starts another much-anticipated and exciting series, just a reminder that September has been (and still is!!) ‘Sourdough September’.

Since 2013, the ninth month of the year has been when the Real Bread Campaign goes on a mission to help everyone discover that life’s sweeter with sourdough! – Encouraging more people to bake genuine sourdough.
The Real Bread Campaign also believes that behind nutritious and delicious Real Bread, the process of baking by hand offers therapeutic, social and employment opportunities to the people crafting it. ‘Together We Rise’ is their initiative working to ensure that these benefits can be enjoyed by many more people who, for one reason or another, have a tougher time than many of us.

JUST ADD … our delicious savoury seeds at your stretch and fold stages.
We’re in full support of this ethos and as part of Sourdough September we are loving the fabulous new book by Vanessa Kimbell ’10 – Minute Sourdough’. Vanessa is a specialist sourdough baker and runs The Sourdough School. She is an award-winning author & regular contributor to The BBC Radio 4 Food Programme. The book is also dedicated to Tim Spector, British epidemiologist and science writer, who is our favourite specialist on good gut health.

As sourdough is a fermented bread this means it’s good for your gut. So we’ve been baking delicious wholemeal sourdough loaves and adding our award-winning Warm Cumin & Fennel seeds to bring warmth, extra crunch, fibre and a Mediterranean waft of great flavour to the bread. It’s delicious with butter or olive oil and more toasted seeds on top (see below)!

We hope you get baking your own sourdough. We’ve found it a hugely therapeutic and rewarding process. Our savoury sprinkles are the perfect addition and the taste of your very own homemade bread beats everything else hands down!