Delicious Miso Noodle Jars

Our miso noodle jars are a perfect recipe complement for our Sesame Sprinkles. Ideal for picnics in the garden, meal prep dinners or as a healthy snack, these veggie jars are the ultimate fridge must-have!

Miso paste, vegetables, seeds and protein are layered in a jar to create a nourishing and portable dish. Almost any combination of vegetables work, so this recipe is handy to use up those greens from the fridge that have been accidentally forgotten.

Here is the best part: to make a warming lunch, just add boiling water to the jar, let it stand for a couple of minutes, stir and it’s ready to eat.

Serves 1.


For the base:

1 tbsp miso paste
1/2 vegetable stock cube, crumbled
2 tbsps of warm water
1 tsp of lemon juice
1 tsp chilli oil (optional)


Any combination of vegetables and Munchy Seeds – try our Sesame Sprinkles
We used: finely chopped red cabbage, carrot ribbons, Mega Omega seeds and pea shoots.
Cooked noodles or instant rice noodles.


To make the base, mix together the ingredients until it forms a smooth paste. Pour the flavour paste into the bottom of your jar (we recommend using a large sturdy clip top or Kilner style jar).

Put layers of your chosen noodles, vegetables and Munchy Seeds on top. When you are ready, boil a kettle, fill the jar with water, put a lid on it and allow it to stand for a couple of minutes. Either gently shake the jar whilst the lid is on, or remove the lid and give it a stir to distribute the miso flavour.

Enjoy whilst it’s still warm.

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