25gx12 Boxes
25gx12 Boxes
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Spicy Peri Peri
£9.75£11.70 Inc. VAT
Mega Omega
£9.75£11.70 Inc. VAT
Honey Roasted
£9.75£11.70 Inc. VAT
Mild Chilli
£9.75£11.70 Inc. VAT
Salted Caramel
£9.75£11.70 Inc. VAT
Warm Cinnamon

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For allergen information see the individual products.


For Nutrition Information see the individual products.

Why You'll Love Them
  • A delicious way to add fibre and protein to your diet
  • Elevate your eating with extra crunch and great taste
  • Great shelf life and easy to store
  • A fabulous ingredient in our simple recipes and snacks
  • Healthier eating and plant powered nutrition
  • Recyclable pouches
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